From the very start you will be working alongside one of our behavioral health specialists to help you or a loved one in their time of need. We at RISE Health SYSTEMS want to ensure that we not only deal with the physical aspects of addiction but also the deeper underlying afflictions that will continue to fuel the fires of habitual dysfunction if not addressed straight away. Our experienced, empathetic staff are here every step of your journey to provide the most comprehensive recovery program available to heal mind, body and spirit. Let RISE Health SYSTEMS cultivate and support the solid recovery program that will allow you to THRIVE along your path of long term recovery!

What sets R.H.S. dual diagnosis program apart from other programs is our focus on small group treatment and individualized care for each person.  Our therapeutic staff has advanced and specialized training that few other programs in the nation offer; Rise Health Systems is setting a new standard for substance abuse and mental health treatment by utilizing highly credentialed staff in an intimate and comfortable setting for our clients."

Provider Network

Pride Recovery Center

Delray Beach, Florida

Trauma, Neuro Feedback, ADHD

Evoke Wellness

Miramar, Florida

State of the Art Medical Detox and Stabilization

Malibu Recovery Center

Malibu, California

Non 12 step, Medication Assisted Treatment

Mountainside Heights

Colorado Springs, CO

Holistic, Long Term, DBT, CBT

Pinnacle Peak

Scottsdale, AZ

Las Vegas Recovery Center

Las Vegas, NV

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