The mission of Rise Health Systems is to help each of our guests learn to live a happy and fulfilling life free from the bonds of addiction and co-occurring disorders. We strive to provide the most effective and comprehensive treatment available in a individualized, compassionate and supportive manner.


Rise Health Systems is a dual diagnosis program.  Therefore, we understand the dangers of not only street drugs, but prescription medications as well. That said, we also understand that some clients may need medication for co-existing mental health diagnoses (e.g. depression, mood or thought disorders).The Rise Health Systems philosophy is centered on individuals expressing feelings rather than suppressing them or acting on them.  This philosophy extends to the use of routine and PRN medications.  The goal is for Rise Health Systems clients to experience core affect and to learn to tolerate their feelings.  We believe that the least amount of medication possible should be prescribed.  A focus on positive aspects of the recovery process are emphasized and guests/clients are taught to identify and lead with their strengths. If a client is anxious we want them to learn that they can tolerate the anxiety (versus reaching for medication to suppress it), and can learn to process the underlying issue.  This subsequently teaches the client appropriate ways to manage their feelings and provides them with a sense of mastery over their emotions.



To provide an affordable integrative medical and holistic model of treatment for addiction and its co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to reduce the cycle of recidivism and increase long term sobriety and health. We strive to increase the overall understanding of addiction, as well as best practice models of treatment in an effort to alleviate the ensuing damage addiction inflicts on the individual, their loved ones as well as the community at large.