Experiential Therapy at Rise

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to treating addiction. Treatment plans should and do reflect the individual directly- meant to combat the specific areas that have contributed to negative or suppressing behaviors. There are a plethora of traditional methods like talk therapy and meditation that tend to benefit most individuals trying […]

Trump Proposes Major Budget Cut to Drug Control Policy Office

Since running for president and being elected, Trump has made numerous promises to combine all possible efforts into overcoming the Opioid Epidemic. Whether it be his Opioid Commission or efforts pushed by the Government on his behalf- Trump has made it appear as if he has a genuine interest in joining the fight. Since his […]

When is the Best Time to Have an Intervention

Staging an intervention is a formal and often necessary step in attempting to help someone you love overcome their addiction. Whether the addict you care about knows they have a problem or not, it can be incredibly difficult for them to seek help on their own. Interventions are often the last effort of family and […]

Signs of Alcoholism

It’s not always easy to recognize in yourself or in others when alcohol has become a problem. What may appear to be normal recreational use of alcohol might be a much deeper rooted issue behind the scenes. If you suspect you or loved one may be having difficulty controlling alcohol use, it’s important to recognize […]

What to Expect In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are countless treatment options for anyone suffering from addiction, and different choices will be right depending on the individual. When you’re ready to get sober and finally leave addiction behind- tailoring a program that fits your specific needs, personality, and history is key to a successful recovery. One popular form of treatment is Cognitive […]

Are You An Enabler?

Drug and alcohol addiction should not be left for others to blame- it is, of course, the responsibility of the addict to take responsibility for their lives. But in some cases, friends or family members of someone struggling with addiction behave in ways that encourage further drug use. It’s a tremendously difficult position being close […]