Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is supposed to be a safe, private place where a person can work with his or her therapist to uncover the underlying cause(s) of his or her substance abuse. As such, the environment is usually very accepting while the therapist himself/herself often has extensive training on how to facilitate individual therapy sessions.

Group Therapy

Having learned a lot about addiction over the past several decades, we currently use a variety of different treatment techniques and therapies to address the many effects of addiction and help addicts regain their sobriety. While the many different treatments used for addiction make rehabilitation a much less straightforward process, this variety is necessary because […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Let’s consider how cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for addiction works: At the start of treatment between a psychotherapist and a patient, the therapist helps the patient to identify thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and predispositions that could be the source of his or her substance abuse.

Holistic Therapy

When it comes to treating substance abuse and addiction, there are many different approaches, perspectives, and modalities of therapy that are available, each of which can be extremely effective for the right person under the right circumstances.Due to the severely fragmented nature of addiction, it is necessary to approach treatment in a holistic manner.  Mind, […]

Life Skills Therapy

With the symptoms and effects of addiction being so numerous and diverse, each addict will manifest different symptoms to varying degrees of severity depending on factors such as length of time spent in active addiction, whether an individual was especially susceptible to chemical dependency, the drug or substance of choice, and so on. However, there […]

Experiential Therapy

There’s no right or wrong way to overcome an addiction, which is why there are several different types of addiction treatment programs; however, there are also a number of different treatments and therapeutic techniques used in addiction rehabilitation programs. One form of therapy that’s being used more and more frequently for addiction recovery is experiential […]