Innovative Trauma Recovery Programs

Rise Health Systems provides clients with an innovative treatment plan and a true path to recovery from many forms of trauma.

Using new age approaches to provide long-term, Rise Health Systems offers a personalized trauma therapy program, a combination of counseling and hypnotherapy sessions, that “reprogram” the effects of a past traumatic event. The success of this “reprogramming” using specialized hypnotherapy techniques to relieve the ongoing symptoms associated with past traumatic events speaks for itself.

After completing the new age trauma treatment program, guided by Trauma Hypnotherapists at Rise Health Systems, clients experience relief and a sense of closure on their past traumatic events. The treatment program offers trauma clients lasting relief and the opportunity to redirect their lives in more positive ways.

New Age Hypnotherapy for Trauma in Delray

Oh, what vivid memories we have of certain bad things that happened to us! Most of us experienced something terrible, frightening or shocking in the past where the memory of this traumatic situation continues to impact our lives today. We carry these old “feelings” into our daily lives along with various triggers that amplify our fears resulting in a reenactment of those same fears again and again. For example, we may have anxiety and fears from childhood violence; from an alcoholic family member who went on wicked binges and tirades; or from any past event that we experienced in a traumatic way. As a result, we may feel guilt or shame; we may fear abandonment or avoid intimacy or worse yet, we may become violent, depressed, alcoholic or addicted to drugs, food or sex as a coping mechanism.

What if you could take the burden of re-living a traumatic event off your shoulders for once and all? What if you could forgive and forget? What if that traumatic event didn’t MATTER so much anymore? What if you could begin to experience a little bit of joy, peace, and happiness in your life?

TRAUMA: Everybody’s Got Some

Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives. What differentiates one individual from another is how we think about, react to, and emotionally register these traumatic events. Often these traumatic events, whether conscious or unconscious, impact how we feel to such a degree, that we wander down a destructive path of self-medication and substance abuse. Of course, the drugs make us FEEL better, but what is causing us to substitute a fall and vibrant life for the feelings we get when we “medicate”?

We can often trace the root cause of self-medication through substance abuse to some traumatic event that left us feeling that we just can’t cope without some help.

Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Self-Medication

Rise Health Systems takes a very innovative and unique approach to trauma resolution using hypnotherapy to help the client finally break the cycle of a traumatic event, followed by inescapable emotional pain relieved by chronic self-medication (food, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.) When trapped in this cycle, we are emotionally reacting TODAY to a traumatic event from the PAST. We have an inability to “let go” of the feelings we carry with us from these PAST traumas.  Our lives, every day, are very much about coping with these emotions and the pain we remember from the past.

Letting Go & Feeling Relief

Let’s put the past in the past and open our lives to live in the “today”. Rise Health Systems works with each client to explore the traumatic event that is expressed by today’s emotions (fear, hate, anger, violence, resentment, hostility, depression, etc.) Once identified, both the client and the therapist use specialized techniques to reclassify the traumatic event as something from the past that no longer needs an emotional connection to today’s feelings. Once a client is successful at reclassifying these traumatic events into the past and disconnecting them from today’s emotions, a sense of relief, letting go and other sensations are experienced.

How Does Hypnotherapy in Delray Beach Work?

Converting a traumatic experience into one that is remembered but no longer elicits an emotional response today (that must be medicated), is the goal of or new age recovery process that includes very structured hypnotherapy sessions. How do we do this?

Let’s first describe the result in a way we can understand. Think of the happiest day of your life and how you felt at that time. Remember those emotions; how happy you were THEN. When you THINK ABOUT that day long ago, do you FEEL THE SAME WAY today that you felt on THAT day? Of course not. You recall how you felt THEN but you don’t actually FEEL those same feelings right now. You can remember how it felt at the time, how giddy you were, etc., but you don’t really feel it the same way NOW. You can say “That was great; that was fun…” as a matter of fact.

Now let’s apply the same logic to a traumatic event or experience. In the Rise Health Systems hypnotherapy session, we recognize the trauma and our emotional reactions to it. However, we also see that it is in the past and, just like the happiest day of our life, is registered as a historical event whose emotions were valid at the time, but no longer exist in the same way today. Through innovative hypnotherapy methods, the brain registers the trauma as a past event. Thus the strong display of emotion from this past event is no longer recalled in the same way as when it was “fresh”. When it’s diminished emotional strength, the traumatic event no longer dominates how we FEEL today

So, in the same way you can recall the happiest day of your life, you now can remember past trauma, pain or hurt, and you should be able to say “Oh that was awful; It really hurt; that was a really bad person who did a really bad things” or something similar but not actually FEEL the pain you felt at the time. Through hypnotherapy, our brain now recognizes the traumatic event is over. It is in the past and it no longer feels as bad as it did then. The traumatic event floats off into our distant memory and no longer elicits a strong emotional reaction. The control this even has over our feelings today is broken.


Rise Health Systems offers their clients unique therapies that focus on trauma, whether long-term, long ago or recent experiences. The theory is that these traumatic events, whether conscious or unconscious, always require some form of coping skills and relief from the fear, pain, or other emotions associated with the trauma. Often, the journey to find relief lands the patient down a path of self-medication as a coping mechanism. Self-medication takes many forms including food, sex, alcohol, drugs, abuse or other means to cope with the underlying emotions resulting from trauma. Without professional help that places this traumatic event, AND the pain, fear, and anger resulting from this trauma, into its proper perspective, the individual MUST continue to self-medicate in one form or another.

The innovative new age hypnotherapy used by Rise Health Systems helps clients reposition traumatic events as part of their past and works to DISCONNECT past emotions from the emotions they feel TODAY.

Through hypnotherapy and an integrative approach to recovery using multi-disciplinary new age therapies and healing modalities, the traumatic events of the past lose importance and relevance over time,  and thus no longer generate strong emotional responses that impact how we feel today.  By addressing the underlying causes for self-destructive behavior Rise Health Systems helps patients “let go” of these painful traumatic events, giving them an opportunity for a normal life without drugs.